Goddess | Rainbow Moonstone + Ruby Necklace


I am the Goddess embodied

Rainbow Moonstone - one of our all time favourite stones! The sacred stone of the Goddess, she connects a woman with the cycles of nature, her intuition and divine feminine energy. Each pendant has been specifically chosen for its remarkable display of blue flash within such a petite specimen.

Crystal Meaning: It is the stone of the luna cycles, bringing connection to the ebb and flow of nature and gifting a stability to ride these cycles with grace and adaptability. A stone of the night she brings a restorative and fertile energy that comes with the silence and rest granted under the cover of darkness. She acts as a prism, diffusing positive energy throughout the aura, cleansing the mind and senses to help one see, think and feel clearly, as well as aiding in restful sleep. Moonstone supports us through times of puberty, fertility, pregnancy, birth and menopause as she connects us to our natural cycles and the abundance of the Great Mother Gaia.

A must have gem for any Goddess collection. While Rainbow Moonstone is perfect for all women, this particular range of necklaces were designed with tween and teen girls in mind. Perfect to support young girls in their journey towards womanhood, it gently aligns them with the flow of the luna cycles that will continue to play a crucial role in their journey through the stages of maiden, to mother, to crone.

Each piece comes complimented with the sweetest of raw cut ruby (colour enhanced) charm. 

Pink Ruby meaning: A truly treasured gem the world over, it is a talisman of regal proportions. It encourages prosperity and shields against negative energy, especially from areas of the heart. It promotes feelings of confidence, joy and leadership. It is the birthstone of July.

Each Rainbow Moonstone pendant has been expertly facet cut from AAA quality gemstones in Jaipur, India. Due to the uniqueness of genuine gemstones these pendants have beautiful natural inclusions, and may appear slightly different to the photographs in this listing. However, their blue flash is superior and ensures their genuine quality.  The Moonstone charm measures 10mm, hung on 45cm super fine gold vermeil necklace. Each completed necklace is lovingly hand assembled by me in my Gold Coast, Australia studio. This piece makes for the absolute perfect gift for someone you love, or yourself.