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Founded in 2008, Ananda Soul is the lovechild of Christina Zipperlen, her mission is to remind women of their innate beauty, shift negative ideas around body image, and to help inspire conscious consumerism through sustainable fashion.

Sourcing recycled, sustainable and low-impact materials, giving back to local communities and treating their team like family with full benefits. The result is a product and a company to be proud of that makes hearts smile.

May you feel the blessings and intentions when wearing her designs, while feeling at peace about your impact on the planet and the people who made the items you purchase from us.

Ananda Soul has created the campaign #CHANGETHEWORLDALITTLE

To share the story of wonderful change makers doing their part towards a brighter world through sustainable fashion, teaching body positivity and helping underprivileged women & children and so much more.

What are your ideas how we could make a little difference in the world?
Right this moment...
...can we notice a little more?
...can we listen to each other a little more?
...can we slow down a little more?
...can we care a little more?
Please let's spread this message! Let's change the world! One little caring action at a time!
Please share your ideas via instagram with the hashtag #changetheworldalittle and tag @anandasoulcreations and @spirit_people.

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