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We believe that Yoga is for every-body, that connection to spirit or self is a necessity for living a life of peace and realising our own divinity.

We believe that you are enough, there is no failure, there is no lack and that real yoga or spiritual practice, is not always pretty or perfect, in fact there is no such thing.

We believe that a true practice is one that connects you to your breath, to stillness, to your true essence, your spirit, to the realisation that you are divine and perfect just as you are.

That you do not need to seek the perfect body weight, or stand on your hands in order to practice. That you do not need to follow any strict lifestyle or “rules” and that what connects you to your spirit might be very different to what lights up ours.

Which is why we have created the #iamspirit movement on Instagram to bring to light the true essence of what it means to have a spiritual practice and what that means to each individual.

We want to encourage you to let go of the beliefs and expectations around what a Spiritual practice should look like? And all the expectation around self-image that go with it, but also to start conversations that connect us all in both our Spirituality and our human-ness

Once a month we will feature on our feed one of our community members #iamspirit Instagram posts to motivate and inspire others to share and to and hopefully start conversations about what feeds our spirits, free from dogma or pre-conceived ideas.

For a chance to be featured on our feed, tag us on Instagram, with a picture that captures your spirit practice, whatever it is that you do that connects you to your spirit.
Don’t forget to tag #iamspirit and let us know what that means to you.

Let’s shift the focus from perfection to contentment, let’s let go of the chase, the pre-tense, the escape and instead let’s surrender to our vulnerability, our true beauty, our humanity.

Let’s remember, we are worthy, we are Sovereign, we are enough.


My soul honours your soul.

I honour the place in you where the entire universe resides.

I honour the light, love, truth, beauty & peace within you,

because it is also within me.

In sharing these things, we are the same, we are one.

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