Frankie Flares - Paisley



Effortlessly stylish, the Salté Design Frankie Flares make a bold addition to your wardrobe. With a high-waisted design, comfortable elastic waistband, wide-leg cut and striking border print. Buttery soft stretch fabric made from recycled fibres, they're the perfect choice for co-ordinating with with a vintage tee or oversized button up.

  • 83% Recycled PET Bottles & 17% Spandex 
  • Style inspired by the 60s
  • Wide leg fit
  • High-rise waist
  • Thick elastic waistband
  • No ironing, no worries.


Available in 3 sizes
✿ S  // Best suited for size 6-10 AUS
✿ M // Best suited for size 10-14 AUS
✿ L // Best suited for 14-18 AUS

 Frankie Wide Flares Measurements (in cm's)
Please note that this is a rough guide due to the stretch of our buttery soft fabric. Our Frankie Flares have been referred to as 'the sisterhood of the traveling pants' because most people fit the same size.

 Frankie Flares Measurements (in cm's)
1/2 Waist 
1/2 Hip
1/2 Bottom Opening





Ethics & Sustainability

Each piece is lovingly hand made in limited numbers. Salté Design focuses on slowing down the fast-fashion trend & encourages conscious consumerism.

In 2019 we decided that the ultimate goal is to ensure our customers feel amazing wearing our products, inside and out. We want our customers to feel proud about their choice, knowing that the fabrics and materials used in the process are thoughtfully chosen in response to our acknowledgment of our responsibility to minimise our impact on our beautiful earth. 

We take pride in knowing that our products also serve as purpose for the greater good & are creating a positive impact on our environment and global community

As part of our commitment to sustainability Salté Designs:

  • Is made from recycled plastic. Read more about our fabric here
  • Discourage ‘fast fashion’ by focusing on small production runs of well made, lasting pieces to encourage women to buy quality rather than quantity.
  • Use compostable garment bags and mailing satchels.
  • Ship plastic free parcels.
  • Recycle, or reuse any plastic sent to us during production. 
  • Support small suppliers.

We work closely to our makers in both China & Indonesia for several years. Our beautiful sewers are paid above the minimum wage and their working environments are safe and clean. They are free to work from home so they can be with their friends and family. 

We will always be on the look out for sustainable fabrics and printing options, while still creating high quality garments.

"We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly." 

We will continue to do our best. We pledge to be kind to fellow humans & of course, our precious planet. We want our beautiful customers to leave, feeling proud of their purchase.