Yin Yoga Sequence to let go and release into Autumn

By Sarah Cargill - Yin Holistic Therapies


As the slow long days of summer come to a close we are reminded that with every end welcomes a new beginning. We recognise our place within the cycle of nature and with it the opportunity to reflect, prepare and move into the new season ahead.

Each season brings it’s own energetic quality, and in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Autumn identifies with the metal element, which cultivates the movement of letting go and enriching our selves, by pulling inward and finding meaning.

We see this in nature, with the falling of the leaves and the coming into cooler and quieter days. Like the decaying leaves adding the much-needed nutrients to the soil, we also need to nourish ourselves, enhancing our cooler yin energy to balance the warmer yang period of summer.

Our lungs and large intestine are connected to this season through their purpose of purification and elimination. Through the breath, the lungs take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide and the large intestine absorbs water, nutrients and eliminates any waste.

The following Yin Yoga sequence allows us to let go of what no longer serves us, with the poses designed to gently open our chest and lungs as well as supporting digestion and promoting elimination.

As you move through this practice, holding each pose for a minimum of three to five minutes, attempt to let go of any judgment that may rise. Gently remind yourself like any period of change, it is the opportunity to reflect, observe and move with an awareness that creates the space for transition and growth.


Yin Yoga Sequence

~Hold each pose for a minimum of three to five minutes~


1. Caterpillar Pose

2. Dragon flying high

3. Dragon flying low

4. Wide knee child’s post with twist

5. Saddle Pose

6. Sphinx Pose

7. Grounding Pose


1. Caterpillar Pose

Knees slightly bent, fold forward over the legs, allowing the back to round and hands resting on the floor. Sit on a blanket to support this pose if needed.

Caterpillar pose


2. Dragon Pose

Begin either on hands and knees or in Down Dog. Step one foot between the hands. Walk the front foot forward until the knee is above the heel. Slide the back knee backward as far as you can. Keep the hands on the front knee or on blocks for support.

Dragon Pose


3. Dragon Flying Low

A deeper option is to place both hands inside the front foot and walk hands forward, lowering the hips. For more depth, come down on the elbows or rest them on a bolster or block. Repeat on the other side.

Dragon flying Low pose


4. Wide knee child’s post with twist

From a kneeling position, push back toward your hips, spreading your knees as wide as they will allow without straining. Twist your right shoulder toward your left knee, stretching your left arm back. Rest your head on the floor or on your right upper arm. Repeat on the other side. 

Wide Knee Childs pose with a twist


5. Saddle Pose 

Start with sitting on the heels and notice how this feels. If there's pain in the knees, skip this one. If your ankles are complaining, try a blanket under them. Lean back on your hands, creating a little arch to the lower back, if you can move further then come down onto your elbows. To move deeper again raise the arms overhead to open up through the shoulders.

Saddle Pose


6. Sphinx Pose

Lie on your stomach with your legs straight behind you. Push up onto your forearms, an inch or so in front of the shoulder line. Bring your palms out in front of you. Stay upright without slumping your shoulders or tensing them up around your neck. 

Sphinx Pose


7. Grounding Pose

From a seated position, bend one knee and bring the ankle to the crease of the opposite hip so the sole of the foot faces the sky. Bend the other knee, and cross the ankle beneath the opposite knee. Place the hands on the thighs or knees or at the heart centre. 

Grounding Pose


Sarah is a 200hr Vinyasa and 100hr Yin Yoga trained Yoga teacher and Student of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, her teaching style takes a holistic and functional approach to health and healing through yoga.

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This looks like a beautiful sequence. Gorgeous photos too! Thank you xx Melanie.

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