What an absolute pleasure it is to introduce you to our Spirit Sister, the beautiful and vivacious Bebe from Earth Energy Healing.


Guided by spirit, Bebe is a vibrational healer and guide, she works with many modalities including sound medicine, Shamanic journeying and soul retrieval, Breathwork and Reiki as well as Hatha and Yin Yoga.


Her genuine love and intuitive gift for holding space for others to grow and heal is pure magic.

This dynamic beauty is full power and her honest and authentic approach to yoga, spirituality and life is such a breath of fresh air and an absolute joy to share in this space.

If you're lucky enough to live on or near the Gold Coast you can attend one of her regular healing circles or various retreats and workshops she holds throughout the year.

Check out bebe's website here or connect with her magic on insta here and facebook here.

Now I am going to stop right here and allow Bebe's rockstar Bio to speak for herself.


"Definitely part of the revolution family, I dream of a world with less intellect and more heart... Less rules and more freedom!

In essence I truly am a reflection of you: a divine spiritual being on her soul mission while having a human experience.

A good mix of darkness and light flows through me, and I am grateful for that!

I truly am a rebellious soul creating my own personal revolution, igniting the passionate fire within me to get you, me, all of us ALIGNED with our very own unique vibe.

The coaching you shall experience when you take the leap of faith and book in with me is very uniquely orchestrated according to what your highest needs are right there and then, your frequency, your vibration, your song.

YES I mainly work with sound, & it is absolutely energetically held and guided by the higher realms and greatest heart field.

We clear the frequencies that bounds you to your limiting self and work together towards your highest potential, so you can become a powerful magnet in your life.

Passionate about you, me, all of us embracing the whole and learning to transmute the shadows queen or king into consciousness and transform them into the powerful being that you are.

Bringing our "Sound and safe" self into union with our "wild and free"!

Just like you, I will never stop learning, the student is within me like a strong force for growth and expansion.

I will never stop passing on what helps me feel alive and vibrant, connected and true, free and joyful, filled with love, light and a great dose of darkness!

Deep gratitude goes to all of you, who show up in our 1 on 1 and in our healing circles, you are my biggest teachers.

The Healer in me sees the Healer IN YOU"


bebe space holding - Earth energy healing x spirit sister series


Read our interview with Spirit Sister Bebe below where, she shares with us a little about her yoga and spirit journey and what guided her to do the work she does.


Let’s start with the basics, how old are you? And where did you grow up?

I am a 1976 vintage, born in the libra sun and Virgo moon with shit loads of my other planets in Scorpio! Which makes me 43 today and on my 44th run around the sun! 

I was born in France but grew up in Africa... in the northern part of Nigeria, in a small town called Kano... Leaving Africa was my first abandonment trauma, my roots, my land was taken away from me!  

In a way I always felt like a black woman In a white woman’s body...

Landing in Australia in my 20s with my 19kg backpack and handmade skateboard back in 1998 took me straight back there... the energy of the land, the smell of the first topical rain on the earth, the birds... I was home.


Where are you currently based?

I now am based on the Gold Coast, in ELANORA, I feel that I am at that “in between both worlds”, a gateway, on the edge of the hinterland and Talley valley and just behind the beach... 


What three words best describe you right now and your Intention/Essence/ offerings?

Real AF. Earth Star Warrior. Frequency Shifter.


Can you share with us a little about your Journey with Yoga and or Spirituality, whatever that means to you?

To me this journey is about remembering that our wholeness is HOLY... too often we get lost in the positive bypassing of spirituality and forget, even suppress our biggest power: our humanness, our darkness, our wholeness... 

Freeing ourselves from all the conditioning, even the yoga conditioning, so we can be us, in totality, in deep love and acceptance of the self...

I am far from pretending I have it all sorted out and worked out, actually it would be boring if I did, to me life is an experience to be loved fully and taken as it comes and letting it guide you to new perspectives and inner knowings.

I have burned all the books, just like spirit said a few years back... 


Can you Share with us a little about what led you to begin starting your biz/ sharing your current offerings?

Discovering energy work and the gifts we often forget to honour, has been a life changing experience for me and all the people around me. 

I am forever grateful for all of my teachers who showed up when I was ready to take the first step towards healing. Talk about divine timing! And grateful I am for all of the teachers showing up whenever I am ready to access new levels of truths.

A few years back I was living a double life!
I seemed to have it all together on the outward world:
a good job, a great relationship, a beautiful daughter,
a great house, good friends, but my inner world was much different…

Depressed, bullied and taken for a ride, I was unable
to stand up for myself and set boundaries, I was forever a people pleaser, I had a broken father-daughter relationship, my bank account was always in the red and most of all I did not feel that there was space in this world for me!

It all fell apart, I lost the jobs and the ones that followed... 

It is only when I was revisiting my career choices that I had a calling, a voice, that whispered in my ear "Healer"... 

Memories of when I was 15 years old, receiving a healing and told that I had a gift flooded in. Oh my! My heart felt so warm and filled with purpose, I had no idea where to start but I sure was smiling and filled with the knowing that all was going to present itself as it should... a few weeks later, the teacher appeared!

So much growth went on and is still going on... When do you ever stop growing really?

Today, I am am Sound Therapy Facilitator, a Vibrational Alchemist, a Spirit Worker, a Shit Shifter! 

A soul who dedicates her time and energy in creating space for herself and others to heal.

Holding space to help souls reconnect with their flow, their joy, their peaceful selves.

Helping souls to reconnect with their own healing abilities, with their power is my passion! 

Today, I am finally listening to my purpose; and that in itself has transformed me.

So Earth Energy Medicine was born, a place where you can safely let go of what no longer serves you and make room for the new with the help of Energy Therapies.

As a Vibrational Alchemist, I take the responsibility of healing my own traumas, I take responsibility for this life, all actions, words and deeds. I put me first!!

I am on the journey too!

Just like you, I am a human being, learning from my mistakes along the way. 

I intend to live every day to the fullest, I intend to live aligned with my highest self, with all the energies at play, with my dark and my light. Why not live life as the whole that we all are?


What have been your biggest triumphs?

Having my daughter, carrying her through her womanhood last year, having the best connection i can with her today

Being with my lover for 20 years and still vibrantly loving him, us, and let me tell you we have had our highs and lows! seeing us with grey hair living a simple and content life, camping around the campfires, surfing and being

Getting over a $50 000 credit card debt from setting myself up with the courses, the tools, the addition of our sacred home healing clinic 

Getting a 6ft barrel at Burleigh that day... a few years back 😜


What have been your biggest Fears, obstacles and challenges along the way? And what has really helped you in overcoming them?

The good old “I am not good enough”, “who am I to say I can help you”

The good old asking for money for my services!! 

That was big process back then... clearing my money blocks...

Then it was not over extending myself so I can be available for all of the community not just for the “elite”, 

Basically refraining from my ego and capitalist ways and the “I WANT IT ALL” “give me the money power” so I can stay centered,  in my heart and in deep service space.


What lessons are you most grateful for in life and in what you do?

I am mostly grateful for my connection to my intuitive self... especially today with where the world is at... 

I think if I had listened to all the coaches I would be very differently driven and not ready for the 5D world we are entering, but instead I listened to my heart

And it has led me well


What advice would you give another facing a similar challenge?

Always listen to your guidance over anyone else’s even if they are highly famous and charging astronomical prices for their services 😂😜


What are the biggest challenges you face now? either personally or in what you do? or both?

This Pandemic is bringing up/in/through a lot of darkness... the biggest challenge for me is to keep showing up for the community while I still show up for me, my family, my loved ones... my human wants to retract, hide but spirit has been clear... they have trained me for this, now is the time to bring it 


We all deal with fears and insecurities; how do you combat overwhelm and self-doubt? 

 I dance, I breathe, I find stillness, I sing, I sound ... they are my tools...

Fears, insecurities, overwhelm, self doubts are simply put frequencies, vibrations that are emitting a certain song, find its counterpart and you bring balance back

The more you expose your self to those frequencies of empowerment, freedom, expansion the quicker you find yourself coming back to the truth


What do you currently most crave in life and in what you do? 

Well with this social distancing thing I miss the community, the circles we hold, the retreats. The experiences we walk together...

And camping! I miss camping, the freedom of being in nothingness 

Yet so full 


What’s next for you, any exciting plans on the horizon that you would like to share?

No plans, I don’t do 5 year plans, we never planned to have a child, to be still together after 20 years, we never planned to buy a house, we never planned to have a dog... we never planned to run businesses 

They all came to us when we were ready I guess.

So no plan by openness to the unknown...apparently I have to go big my clairvoyant tells me 😂 so i am letting “BIG” find me.


Spirit Rituals, can you share with us any practices or routines that you do to keep you feeling inspired, grounded and connected?

Breathwork and stillness is my morning practice. 

Surfing my playground and a definite boost to my day! 

Prioritising quality time over money... 

We don’t start "work" until 10.30am each morning so we can start our day doing what we love.

We take camping holiday breaks every school holiday, YES a 2 week break every 3 months! 

We keep life simple.


Who have been the most influential or inspirational people/ teachers/ Books or places on your path? and why

Immersing myself in nature and in silence is my inspiration. Mother Earth and it’s animals are the biggest teachers.


What does #iamspirit mean to you?

It means I am you, you are me, I am light, I am dark... I am everything yet I am nothing at all 

bebe earth energy healing X Spirit People

 bebe #iamspirit

 Spirit Sister Series - Bebe Earth Energy Healing

May 24, 2020 — Gemma Rewcastle

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