Animal Spirit - Five Element Spread


The Five Element Spread is an advanced reading that requires a bit of preparation… but is well worth the effort. Create the “star” with twigs, flower stems, or simply draw it on large piece of paper.

Then separate your Animal Spirit deck into five stacks, according to the elements portrayed by the symbols on the top of the cards; Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Spirit. Shuffle each small stack thoroughly until it feels “right” to stop.  Flip the top card over and place it in the corresponding position depicted above.

If there is a particular element that is weaker or more imbalanced than the others, focus on that area of your body during asana or meditation, or explore it while journaling.

Remember, the elements are in us and around us, they can be felt and experienced at every moment. They are not abstract. If your Air element card turns up less than ideal… connect to it instantly via the breath.

Return to this reading again and again, its wisdom is infinite.

  1. Earth Element The Earth card represents your “foundation”, or sense of stability with finances, work, family, and home. 
  2. Water Element The Water card represents your emotional world and the health of relationships, as well as the flow of creativity. 
  3. Fire Element The Fire card represents aspects of your ego; confidence, sense of self, and your willingness to grow and transform. 
  4. Air Element The Air card indicates your current relationship to movement, change, travel, and inspiration. 
  5. Spirit Element The Spirit card represents your relationship to the infinite and Spirituality. 


P.S. This spread can be adapted to the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck as well. Simply divide the deck into suits and follow the directions accordingly (pentacles = earth, cups = water, wands = fire, swords = air, major arcana = spirit).


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