Large Raw Citrine Necklace | Sunshine



This pendant necklace is crafted from sterling silver and features an electroplated raw cut citrine stone on a 65cm sterling silver or gold plated sterling silver satellite chain.

Sure to brighten any one's day, Citrine has long been treasured for its uplifting vibration. It is the premier stone for manifesting abundance, good health and bringing sunshine into your sense of self. Vibrating on the level of joy, it uplifts one’s aspect to all the goodness in the world and the self. 

~ Physical ~

A warming stone, it supports circulation, digestion and helps to energize the whole physical being. It never needs cleansing and will tirelessly dissipate negative forces attacking the being and around the home. It enhances concentration and focus and is an excellent stone for students and seekers of wisdom and knowledge. Excellent at filtering negativity it is especially good for people that are physically sensitive to environmental pollutants and other outside influences.

~ Emotional ~

A powerfully uplifting stone, Citrine is like an emotional B vitamin, delivering feelings of joy and happiness at all times. It will increase self-esteem and confidence, activates creativity, positivity and can break the bonds of hyper-sensitivity. Excellent at resisting criticism, it will help one to increase feelings of positivity and act instead on constructive feedback. Excellent at overcoming depression it has the power to impart joy in anyone that holds it.

~ Spiritual ~

Citrine is the stone of manifestation and abundance, bringing success in all its form in to one's life, it is an absolute must have stone working with practices of Law of Attraction and manifestation. It is a powerful stone of the Solar Plexus connecting the wearer with their self centre and stimulating their will. It protects the aura from negative attacks and supports and overall feeling of bliss and contentment with ones own and all existence.

The electroplated pendants are approximately 20mm in length. Complimented by handcrafted 65cm satellite chain in sterling silver or gold plated sterling silver. Due to the nature of raw cut crystals, the pendant you receive will be completely unique (just like you!) and may not look like the ones displayed here. Each piece is assembled and shipped directly from our Gold Coast, Australia studio.