Heart Space | Mini Raw Rose Quartz Necklace



Rose Quartz: The master love stone who encourages unconditional love for self, others and all existence. Its soft pink hue opens the heart chakra to the possibilities of love and is an all time fave.

Rose Quartz is a powerfully nurturing stone for lovers and treasured by the peacemakers, Earth crusaders and mothers. As it hangs here just above your heart it will encourage feelings of being held and nurtured, gifting you with an energetic love bath throughout the day.

The true power is in Rose Quartz's ability for healing - soothing heartbreak, attracting new love, forgiveness and compassion are all her trade mark moves as she helps to move the heart from feeling isolated to feeling loved.

The gold or silver electroplated pendant is approximately 12mm in length. Complimented by super fine 45cm sterling silver or gold plated sterling silver chain. Due to the unique nature of raw cut crystals, the pendant you receive may not look like the ones displayed here.