Here we are with our last Spirit Sister feature for 2020, can you believe it?

We are in such awe of this series and the beautiful women who have stepped forward to be featured and witnessed in all their beauty by their greater community. We are so inspired and excited to watch how this series evolves and to see this community continue to grow and empower one another in 2021 and beyond. Our hearts are truly swollen with gratitude for all of the love and support this series has received, Thank you!

Our final Spirit Sister for 2020 is the beautiful and inspiring Liv Smith from Deliberate Daydreamers.


Liv is a Certified Health Coach, Modern Feng Shui Practitioner and Yoga devotee, who believes in intentional living, simplifying everything and a minimal approach which allows you to edit away the excess to create space to focus on what truly matters.

She guides others to find joy, meaning and fulfilment in their everyday lives through intentional home and lifestyle design.


Liv recently launched her online, step by step declutter program to help you clear your energetic & physical baggage, delivering a new approach to Feng Shui, the power of intention and inspired action to upgrade the energy of your space and your life.

You can find out more about her inspiring work and her courses on her website here  or connect with Liv and follow her journey over on instagram at @deliberate_daydreamer or check out her incredible content over on Pinterest here

In the meantime though, read our Interview with this beautiful soul below, in it she shares with us a little of her story and what led her to do the work she does as well as some of her advice for those facing similar challenges.

 Enjoy Spirit Family!


Let’s start with the basics, how old are you? And where did you grow up?

I'm 41 years young and I grew up in Johannesburg South Africa. My family immigrated to Houston, Texas where I attended elementary School but decided to immigrate back to South Africa less than a year later as they felt America wasn't the place for us. We then Immigrated to Australia when I was 17 and I finished off year 12 here.  


Where are you currently based? 

I recently moved to Burleigh Heads on the beautiful Gold Coast, leaving Brisbane behind. At the end of 2019, I sold most of my things and packed up my life to move to Canggu Bali but had to return to Australia due to covid. I was excited to explore Bali and settle in but 2020 had other plans. But now I can joke about it saying "if anything was going to bring me back from an overseas adventure, it would have be a pandemic".  

What three words best describe you right now and your Intention/Essence/ offerings?

Refinement, simplicity and abundance


Can you share with us a little about your Journey with Yoga and or Spirituality, whatever that means to you?

Almost a decade ago, a close friend stayed with me after a relationship break up. She would drag me along to her 5am yoga classes every morning. She already had a strong spiritual practice, and yoga was a big part of that and a big part of her healing process. The morning classes soon became an essential part of my daily routine after I started to feel the incredible mental and physical benefits of a consistent yoga practise.

I was also going through a challenging time personally. I had closed the doors to my fashion business (which wasn't aligned with my values) and both my parents were diagnosed with serious illness (cancer and Parkinson's). All this combined became the catalyst for massive change, and my journey into minimalism, holistic health and personal development began. I was transitioning into a more intentional lifestyle after spending most of my 20's in a haze of unhealthy, unbalanced and unfulfilling cycles. Numbing out through over working, over spending, partying and superficial relationships. I was devoid of direction, purpose and true alignment.

I craved liberation on every level and  made the deliberate decision to declutter my life and to re-assess everything. I got rid of 70 % of my belongings and started to spend my weekends in nature by the ocean, rather than in shopping malls or nursing a hangover. I spent more time doing the things which filled me up and brought me joy. I travelled more, spent more time with friends and family and tried new things. The more committed I became to my health and wellbeing, the more invigorated I felt. The more mental and physical clutter I shed, the more peaceful and content I felt.

This led me to follow my passions and find purpose. I studied to become a certified Holistic Health Coach, a Feng Shui Practitioner and I completed my Yoga Teacher Training. I have become incredibly passionate about decluttering every area of life so you can focus on what truly matters to you. My life is now dedicated to the constant pursuit of expansion, freedom, fun, creativity, purpose and ease. Yoga was an integral part of my transformation and continues to be the foundation for my healthy lifestyle. 

Can you Share with us a little about what led you to begin starting your biz/ sharing your current offerings?

Up until last year, I was working in health department at a university and working on my business on the side. I decided to once again downsize my belongings and move overseas to Bali so I could shake things up, challenge myself and re-invigorate my commitment to owning less. I packed up my life and moved to Canggu in January to explore, learn and create. However, the world had other plans and the pandemic brought me back to Australia.

I have since launched a powerful online decluttering course to empower and transform other peoples lives in the same way that a home and life declutter did mine.  

The program walks you through the step by step process to finally clear the physical and energetic baggage out of your home and life. It will transform your home from cluttered to clear & beautiful. 

We upgrade your energy & transform your lifestyle. There is power in simplifying and beautifying everything inside and around you. A new way to Feng Shui optimises your space as you infuse your desires into your home. 

As a follow up I have also created a comprehensive beginners online home styling course which I'm very excited about. It guides you through the key Feng Shui principles to create harmonious, beautiful and supportive spaces in your home. 

Incorporating the Five Elements, colour therapy and functional design. The 8 step framework covers all of the fundamentals to creating beautiful and functional designed rooms.  

It’s not just about design. It’s about infusing your essence, personality and unique style into your space. Elevating the aesthetics and optimising the flow of energy and sensory anchors to create not only a beautiful space but a supportive and functional environment to thrive in. 

What have been your biggest triumphs?

I look back and see how far I've come after making the commitment to declutter my life and start to live a more mindful intentional lifestyle. Letting go of old beliefs, habits, relationships, habitual patterns and attachment to belongings has been one of the most challenging things I've ever done. It's also the most liberating and empowering thing I've done for myself. 

What have been your biggest Fears, obstacles and challenges along the way? And what has really helped you in overcoming them?

Fear of the unknown and lack of certainty held me back for a long time. I knew I was sleepwalking through life, but I had grown comfortable with being in a rut. It was familiar, safe and not THAT bad. I think that's why so many people settle. They settle for fine or good and don’t strive for more joy and fulfilment.  There was a time where I didn’t believe an amazing, purpose-driven lifestyle was even possible for me or I didn’t feel deserving enough of it.

There is a lot of fear that comes up when you decide to strive for more. More joy, more time, more connection, more freedom. A more aligned and inspired life. It requires us to step outside our comfort zone, to feel a certain level of discomfort and embrace uncertainty and change.

Only you know if you are settling, and only YOU can make the decision to create the change you want in your life. Acknowledging that and committing to make a change shifted everything for me.


What lessons are you most grateful for in life and in what you do?

The lesson of accepting radical self responsibility. 

When I looked at all the things in my life that I wasn't happy with, I used to blame external circumstances. My parents getting sick, the economy, societal pressures and expectations, irresponsible investors, my upbringing, romantic partner issues and other peoples' intentions towards me. I believed these external factors were all the source of my messes.

But in some way I had actively participated in the creation of it all. Through action or inaction. 

For every cause there will be an effect. ​"Your reality is merely a mirror reflecting your inner world". 

I had to accept that I create everything in my life. I have the power to change everything in my life. It is my responsibility to shift my perceptions, perspective, beliefs and  habits to shape the life I want to lead. 

What advice would you give another facing a similar challenge?

You don't need to know every single cause or every single reason for every effect in your life to make things better. You just have to set a powerful intention to make things better and take inspired action to create the change you want to see in your life.

What are the biggest challenges you face now? either personally or in what you do? or both?

Working on my limiting beliefs, negative self talk and cultivating a positive mindset. 

Overcoming self-doubt and having faith in my abilities. 

We all deal with fears and insecurities; how do you combat overwhelm and self-doubt?

Confidence is a skill you build through action, so I often remind myself of how well things went in the past despite having fear or self doubt. Looking back reminds me that good things mostly came out of taking actions that scared me and pushed me outside my comfort zone.  I've always been able to learn, grow and develop better coping skills through my failures. 

What do you currently most crave in life and in what you do?

Probably being able to spend more quality time with friends and family. Working from home or online can get a bit lonely at times so connection and collaboration is essential to feel supported. 

What’s next for you, any exciting plans on the horizon that you would like to share?

I’m excited to continue helping woman declutter their homes and lives. Sharing the benefits of simplifying to amplify ones lifestyle.

My next course will be centred around embracing a minimalist approach to styling while still being expressive & creative with your space. Styling your home is a personal expression of you.

I love the idea that your home could be a vision board for your aspirations and desires in life. There will always be an element of energetics in everything I share.

As well as incorporating Modern Feng Shui which follows the tradition of Feng Shui in terms of the (tao) connection, elemental principles and energetics, but it's more about your personal experience with space.

Our homes are an extension of who we are. But it all starts with clearing the clutter, editing & simplifying. This enables us to create the space to call in all the new amazing abundance we desire.

Rituals, can you share with us any practices or routines that you do to keep you feeling inspired, grounded and connected?

I'm usually up with the sun. Sunrise is such a magical and peaceful time to meditate or sit in stillness and set the tone for the rest of the day. I'm lucky enough to live a short walk from the ocean so beach walks to ground and clear my mind are a daily ritual. Yoga and meditation form the foundation for my wellness practice. 

Who have been the most influential or inspirational people/ teachers/ Books or places on your path? and why?

Oh gosh too many to mention - I am obsessed with podcasts and listen to at least one episode a day. I'm constantly learning and always have a coach or mentor to push me to expand my possibilities. For business I love James Wedmore, health would be Dr Joe Dispenza, creativity would be Elizabeth Gilbert's book 'Big Magic'. For all things relationship and connection I follow Mark Groves from @createthelove on Instagram. I love following @ikadewiyoga for yoga inspo. Ika is a Balinese yoga teacher and I attended quite a few of her classes while in Bali. Travel and nature are still my greater inspiration and loves.  


What does #iamspirit mean to you?

I am spirit for me means being in touch with your true essence and having the courage to express that freely in your life. Being open to the endless possibilities that are always available to us and embracing all the aspects of self that make us who we truly are. Connecting to your inner knowing, intuition and the guidance you receive from the universe will always lead you towards your higher self. 


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December 20, 2020 — Gemma Rewcastle

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