Hello dear ones,

It’s been a long time since I’ve popped into this space personally, and I just wanted to firstly thank you so much for being here for this spirited ride with us!

My name is Gemma Rose and I’m the human and creatrix behind Spirit People, since its creation in 2016.

There has been the sound of silence around here, and in the Spirit People community spaces, because, in honesty, I had to (un)intentionally take a huge step back from focused energy on SP. 

Evidently, as it has for the majority of the collective since a pandemic descended upon the world, life has thrown me a few curve balls these past few years and I was forced to really re-evaluate what’s in true alignment for me.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve navigated divorce, along with a total ego death of who I thought I was, how I want to express myself into the world and what is true to me. 

Through my own journey of self discovery and deep healing (and what I’m coining my “mid life crisis” or “dark night of the soul”),
I found myself gradually being pulled away from this space and from solely selling products, to being called towards my offerings of service in the realms of women’s work, womb wisdom, healing and feminine embodiment practices.
And at this point in my journey is where you will find a huge part of my heart, and energy these days, within circle, or hands on a treatment table, guiding women into their inner wisdom (their own version of what I have explored myself over the last few years). 

I really want to honour you in gratitude for being here in this space and I also want to honour and acknowledge that among you beautiful humans, I entrust there will be those who have a curious resonance with my sharings above. Who feels a pull towards and would love to know more about my work and how it supports women accessing their own wisdom and feminine essence.  

If this calls to you, here is my website Rose Womb Healing
If you are local to the Gold Coast region, in Qld Australia, I have an in person half day event coming up on March 11th ~  Sacred Waters of the Womb Immersion for women which I am so thrilled to be holding, it'll be filled with connection, ceremony and nourishing healing practices. 

If my other work does spark an interest within you, please head over to my personal site and jump on the mailing list to be the first to know of any new events or offerings. as I can affirm I have many being birthed through me currently (loving this for me and you!). 

In full transparency, I’m unsure yet of what the plan is for the evolution of Spirit People moving forward. She may meet a new custodian, or if the direction informs that I continue to be her steward, there will more than likely be less Yoga and clothing focus, and a transition into products centred around ritual & healing, women’s health and womb wisdom and more events and community focused energy.  Like the cyclical seasons of women and nature, I'll intentionally weave these 2 worlds together in a way that feels true and authentic to me and foremost is the highest service to you and the world.

I am so incredibly proud of the brand and grateful for the community that I’ve created with Spirit People and know her essence will continue to live on through this renewed cycle of her evolution.

Any transition will be slow and gradual and there are still many beautiful items in stock so I hope you will continue to join us for the spirited ride.

We currently have an additional 20% discount on sale items still running and I will be adding lots more beautiful products to sale over the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled for those and hopefully you can all grab a bargain.

I also have some divine new natural high frequency perfumes and mists from Shemana that have just hit the store here

From the depths of my being I thank each and everyone of you divine souls for being on this journey with me, in whatever way that has transpired and I look forward to sharing with you more as the journey unfolds.

Much love,

Gemma Rose
February 09, 2023 — Gemma Rose

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