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Femme Fatale Diamond Charm Necklace


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The Femme Fatal Charm Necklace is artisan made in Hawaii and activated with sacred yogic mantra and Reiki energy for a powerful effect on your auric field.  

INTENTION: Activates Shakti Energy, Beauty, Intuition, Power
STONE: MOONSTONE | A beautiful, feminine stone that reflects within it the magical healing qualities of the moon's vibration. Calms and soothes. A stone for hoping and wishing. Enhances psychic abilities.
STONE: DIAMOND | The king/queen of gems. A crystal of light and high frequency. A symbol of purity and innocence. Amplifies manifestation. Gives hope. Connects you to the spiritual realms. Activates the Radiant Body and Crown Chakra. Clears the etheric body. 
SYMBOL: ANKH | Egyptian symbol of Life. 
MANTRA: ADI SHAKTI ADI SHAKTI ADI SHAKTI NAMO NAMO | The Adi Shakti Mantra tunes one into the frequency of the Divine Mother, and to the primal protective, generating energy. | It is said that chanting it eliminates fears and fulfills desires. 
THE DETAILS: This piece of jewelry has been activated with sacred yogic mantra and Reiki energy to enhance your aura and create a potent vibrational field. 
  • 30" Gold plated Moonstone Rosary Chain 
  • Pave Diamond Ankh in Sterling
  • Moonstone bezel in 24k Gold Vermeil
  • 24k Gold Vermeil moon charm

"I received my Femme Fatale necklace today and I LOVE it, it’s gorgeous and I can feel the beautiful energy, thank you!" - Maria

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